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Access Printer Products

Our Story

Since 1991, we at Access Printer Products have been working to create affordable and high-quality solutions for businesses.  We began our business by remanufacturing our own cartridges, but, as the quantity of laser printers increased, we decided to outsource the production of our toner cartridges, allowing us to focus solely on serving our customers rather than spending our time on the cartridge production process.

Throughout the years, our first priority has been to deliver the highest quality toner cartridges to our customers.  For this reason, we only work with toner cartridge sources who believe, like us, that quality is the top priority.

At Access Printer Products, we view the businesses we work with as partners rather than as sales or numbers.  We want to make sure that our customers know that they can count on us to be there to help long after we’ve sold them a toner cartridge or laser printer, and it is this philosophy that has made us the most reliable printing partner in the Wasatch front for the last 29 years.